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Memorial Day – Remember the “Risk” that preserves our Nation

Posted in General,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the May 30th, 2010

The purpose of the original Memorial Day was to honor those who died in the Civil War. Its purpose today has evolved into remembering and honoring all who have died in the service of our country. (more…)

By not reversing and stemming the invasion of illegal aliens is America committing suicide?

Posted in General by The Ole Seagull on the May 23rd, 2010

America is being invaded by illegal aliens who are not only violating the laws of this country upon illegal entry and otherwise after entering the country, but believe their desire for what they want gives them the right to do whatever they want to get it. (more…)

Ole Seagull believes Branson Airport is safe and providing great service

Posted in General by The Ole Seagull on the May 16th, 2010

The Ole Seagull decided to share the information he provided as a response to an email he received this week because of the general interest in the Branson Airport. The portions in bold type are from the email and the non bold is the Ole Seagull’s Response. (more…)

Mothers are God’s Love

Posted in Branson,General,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the May 9th, 2010

How important are Mothers? Without them natural life as we know it could not even begin and the course of most people’s lives, after that beginning, is dramatically influenced by the person they call “Mom” or “Mother.” (more…)

Illegal aliens should either be in jail or deported, but certainly not rewarded

Posted in General by The Ole Seagull on the May 2nd, 2010

People are referred to as “illegal aliens” because they are in our country illegally. To an Ole seagull, it makes no difference whether that illegal alien is Irish, Martian, Hispanic, English, Lilliputian or otherwise, an illegal alien is an illegal alien. (more…)