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Nelly makes Branson history with the “F” word and when is a “vandal” a “vigilante?”

Posted in Branson,General,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the August 29th, 2010

August 21 was just another Saturday night in Branson with people attending shows, going to attractions and sharing in the fun and excitement that Branson has to offer. “Whoa, now Seagull, wasn’t Saturday night, August 21,2010, special because ‘Nelly’ did a concert in Branson?” (more…)

No job, amount of money or merchandise is worth your life or injury!!!

Posted in Branson,General,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the August 22nd, 2010

In the opinion of an Ole Seagull, those working in Branson’s many retail shops, restaurants, hotels and lodging establishments should do only one thing when someone comes into their place of employment to steal either money or merchandise. That one thing is to do is absolutely nothing that will place yourself between them and what they want, nothing, zero, nada!

The objective from the employee’s perspective should be their personal safety. Give the “bad guys” exactly what they want with as little interaction with them as possible. Do or say nothing that could aggravate or upset them or keep them from leaving the establishment as soon as possible. (more…)

“Yes Virginia there is still a Branson Spirit”

Posted in General by The Ole Seagull on the August 15th, 2010

An Old Seagull takes pleasure in answering this question that just “came to him” this week:

Dear Seagull,

I am eight years old and when I told my friends we were going to Branson for a vacation they said that their parents said that Branson’s family spirit is dying. My daddy says, ‘If you see it in the Ole Seagull’s column, you might disagree with it, but it’s his best shot.’ Please tell me the truth, is Branson’s family spirit dying and will it be there when I get there? (more…)