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Can thoughts surrender the right to free speech?

Posted in Branson,Marketing,Opinion,Shows by The Ole Seagull on the January 29th, 2017

No one cedes, surrenders, the right to speak freely because of what they think! Mr. Dick Carlile’s Letter to the Editor, entitled “Be careful what you wish for,” appearing in the January 25-26 edition of this paper, doesn’t change that one bit. (more…)

Does the “typical Branson show” and the Branson Airport have a lot in common?

Posted in Branson,Government,Opinion,Shows by The Ole Seagull on the January 23rd, 2017

At first blush they do, but do they at the end of the day? They both participated in a record breaking year for Branson tourism! Per the latest reports by the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB, 2016 was a record setting year, both for the number of tourist coming to Branson, an estimated 8.8 to 9.0 million, and “record high levels” of tax receipts. It was reported that “The City’s tourism tax receipts ended up 9.1 percent, with every business classification seeing annual increases” and that “theater tax collections were up 15.5 percent over the previous year.” (more…)