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Leah Chandler, until we meet again, thank you and Godspeed

Posted in Branson,General,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the April 30th, 2018

Leah Chandler, Chief Marketing Officer for the Branson CVB, and the Puerto Rico Destination Marketing Organization’s new Chief Marketing Officer.

Leah Chandler, CDME, Chief Marketing Officer of the Branson CVB for the last five years, is leaving her position. She’s taking a new position as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Puerto Rico Destination Marketing Organization . One can almost sense her excitement over this new opportunity. She points out that it’s a new organization paving the way for the management of all global marketing, sales, and the promotion of Puerto Rico in collaboration with local government and tourism partners. (more…)

Will city of Branson publicly pledge 100% of new tax fire and police tax to them?

Posted in Branson,Government,Marketing by The Ole Seagull on the August 20th, 2017

Unless an Ole Seagull misses his guess, Branson voters will soon be asked to vote on a .5% “Fire and Police Tax,” for the benefit of our firs, police, and emergency medical providers. At first blush, it seems like a no brainer “Yes” vote. In almost any other city, but Branson, a “No” vote would be like voting against, “Mother hood and apple pie.” In Branson however, based on the city’s past actions, and its failure to protect the tax proceeds from TIF capture in its recently passed enabling legislation, that’s not the case. (more…)

Don’t Branson shows deserve the same marketing efficiency as Alderman Booth’s dog food?

Posted in Branson,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the February 26th, 2017

The League of Branson Theatre Owners and Show Producers asked the city of Branson for a “Blue Ribbon Task Force.” It would advise the board about the marketing of Branson’s shows. To no one’s surprise, at its February 9, 2017 Study Session, the Branson Board of Aldermen decided not to make the request an official agenda item.

What was surprising, to an Ole Seagull, was Alderman Mike Booth’s comments at the session. (more…)

Can thoughts surrender the right to free speech?

Posted in Branson,Marketing,Opinion,Shows by The Ole Seagull on the January 29th, 2017

No one cedes, surrenders, the right to speak freely because of what they think! Mr. Dick Carlile’s Letter to the Editor, entitled “Be careful what you wish for,” appearing in the January 25-26 edition of this paper, doesn’t change that one bit. (more…)

Isn’t the reality for Branson shows brighter if we all work together?

Posted in Branson,General,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the December 11th, 2016

“The question is, are there those in power in this city who are grateful for the decades of growth which the shows have provided this community and who want to help the shows recover in a protected and logical way, preserving that special and important element that has made Branson unique?” asked Sheila Dutton in her letter to the editor, published in the Dec. 7-8 edition of this paper. It was entitled “Outlook for Branson shows bright if we all work together.” (more…)

“Outlook for Branson shows bright if we all work together”

Posted in General,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the December 10th, 2016

As regards the Ole Seagull’s column on Sunday, we are very grateful to receive the corrected viewpoint of Jerry Henry. We hold him and his work in high regard. The problem that we see is that Jerry is a statistician who does a fantastic job of analyzing correlations, but correlations do not indicate causation. Other forces can be at play at the same time. (more…)

Don’t Branson’s shows deserve a significant marketing voice in their destiny?

Posted in Branson,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the November 13th, 2016

An Ole Seagull just has to believe that The Branson League of Theatre Owners & Show Producers” (the League) would answer that with a resounding, “Yes!” The League has requested the establishment of a Blue-Ribbon Task Force by the Branson Board of Aldermen, (the Board) repeatedly, both privately and during its public meetings. The basis of the request appears to be the Leagues dissatisfaction with not only the way that Branson shows and Ozark Mountain Christmas are being marketed, but that its feeling that the shows have very little say regarding that marketing. (more…)

Is the “Best Ticket” a Branson show can sell becoming, but a fading dream?

Posted in Branson,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the August 21st, 2016

An Ole Seagull just has to believe that, in all too many cases the answer is “Yes, but it gets worse.” First, the answer depends on one’s definition of “the Best Ticket.” As used in this column the Ole Seagull would define the “Best Ticket a Branson Show Can Sell (Best Ticket),” as, “a ticket netting the show as close to the box office price as possible and sold to the ticket purchaser prior to their arrival in Branson.” (more…)

From a marketing perspective can Branson shows say, “We have met the enemy and it is us?”

Posted in Branson,General,Marketing by The Ole Seagull on the August 1st, 2016

Sadly, for many Branson shows, that might just be true. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a lot harder for shows to make it in Branson that it was 15 years ago. As Branson visitors enjoy all that Branson offers, all the shows, attractions, and other entities providing that experience, are competing against each other trying to entice those visitors to spend some of their money and time “with” them. Branson could have 100 million visitors but, as to individual shows, their success depends on how many of those visitors end up sitting in the seats of their show. (more…)

No madam chairwoman, it was not “erroneous” and is “significant”

Posted in General,Government,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the December 17th, 2014

At the August 28 meeting of the Tourism Community Enhancement District Board (TCED) the Ole Seagull, followed up on his March 27 presentation to the TCED which showed that the Missouri Supreme Court, in the case of “Jefferson v. QuikTrip,” resolved that case using a logic and statutory construction that had not been previously addressed in any of the prior legal opinions to the TCED that the Ole Seagull had seen or was aware of. He believed it provided more than an adequate basis for effective legal or other action to be taken that could stem the TCED’s diversion of millions of dollars to the pay the city of Branson’s TIFs and the loss of the hundreds of millions of dollars in economic and marketing benefit to Branson area shows, attractions, lodging facilities and businesses those marketing dollars represent. (more…)

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