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It’s millions of dollars about “butts in the seat,” flushing the toilet and what’s right

Posted in Branson,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the December 12th, 2010

The biggest question the Ole Seagull has been asked in the last week concerns the relationship between the city gifting the airport tens of millions of dollars under the unconscionable Pay for Performance Agreement that the current board has “laundered and the raising of the water and sewer rates for Branson voters. Actually, it’s pretty simple, Branson only has so much revenue coming in to operate the city with.

Whatever is paid from that revenue for specifically designated extraordinary costs is obviously not available for other purposes such as the operational costs of running the ci (more…)

A little Christmas for everyone – Branson Board gives airport hundreds of thousands as it raises residents water and sewer rates

Posted in Branson,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the December 5th, 2010

At the November 25th meeting of the Branson Board of Aldermen (BOA), they voted to give the Branson Airport the Christmas gift that keeps giving. That would be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on an alleged 2006 “contract” based on a “Pay for Performance Agreement (PfP).” The PfP was made by the “pre 2007 election city administrator and the loyal band of elected “munchkins,” whoops sorry forgot it was Christmas, “elves,” with the Branson Airport. (more…)