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An Ole Seagull apologizes – there really is only one honorable way

Posted in General by The Ole Seagull on the January 30th, 2011

An Ole Seagull would apologize to Mr. Steve Peet of the Branson Airport and simply say, ” I am sorry. In terms of the Supplemental Agreement, you were right sir and I was wrong.” To the Branson Board of Aldermen (Board) an Ole Seagull would say, “He was wrong when he expressed his opinion relative to what he believed you intended to do when you approved the Supplemental Agreement, pertaining to the potential payment of $2 million a year to the Branson Airport under the Original 2006 Pay for Performance Agreement (Original Agreement), in the summer of 2010. For that he is sorry. At the end of the day, he missed something he wished he didn’t and for that he apologizes to his readers. (more…)

Commitment to First PLACE! is a wonderful thing for Branson and its children

Posted in Branson,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the January 9th, 2011

As a columnist, a goal is to start the year with a column that has the potential for the most impact on our community during 2011. In an Ole Seagull’s opinion first place in that category would have to go to “First PLACE!” and encouraging our community to continue working together to make positive character traits part of what our children and grandchildren experience every day, at home, in school, and in the community. First PLACE! is a community commitment by our schools, area businesses, individuals parents, relatives, the College of the Ozarks and others to “foster a community where character is highly valued and intentionally taught.”

“Oh come on Seagull, you have to be kidding. With all that’s going on down at city hall and out at the county, the Branson Airport debacle and law suits on Branson Landing, et (more…)