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Truth or Fiction – TCED Tax moved Branson from little known to top tier nationally known vacation destination?

Posted in Branson,Marketing,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the February 4th, 2014

BRANSON, Mo., February 4, 2014 – Truth in Branson TCED Tax Electioneering

Opinion by Gary J. Groman a.k.a. The Ole Seagull

Truth or Fiction?

In its totality, the following is the on line testimonial endorsing the re authorization of 1% Branson Tourism Community Enhancement District (TCED) Retail Sales Tax from Steve Critchfield, Commercial One Brokers and a board member of the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB (BLACVB), an organization that receives a $1.5 million dollars per year marketing contract from the proceeds of that tax said:

“Branson has moved from a little known leisure travel destination to a top tier and nationally known family vacation destination.  This all happened since the passage of the tourism tax giving Branson the ability to compete in the national market for awareness and visitors.” (more…)