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Memorial Day – Remembering those who risked it all for America

Posted in General,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the May 25th, 2014

The purpose of the original Memorial Day was to honor those who died in the Civil War. Its purpose today has evolved into remembering and honoring all who have died in the service of our country. What better way is there to honor and remember them than to honor and remember their living comrades, those men and women who have and are currently honorably serving in America’s Armed Forces.

Someone a lot wiser than an Ole Seagull said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Since the earliest days of our history, America’s Armed Forces and their families have assumed the risk and paid the price for the freedoms and privileges that we, as a Nation, all enjoy and sometimes take for granted. Memorial Day gives us a unique opportunity to not only honor the dead but to pause, honor and say “Thank You,” to those who have and are currently serving and their comrades who are Missing In Action. (more…)

Mothers Are God’s Special Gift

Posted in Branson,General,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the May 11th, 2014

How important are Mothers? Without them natural life as we know it could not even begin and the course of most people’s lives, after that beginning, is dramatically influenced by the person they call “Mom” or “Mother.” There are some, including an Ole Seagull, who believe that by age eight, or earlier, the mold of a person’s future has been cast and, to a very large extent, Mother’s form and shape that mold. (more…)