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No madam chairwoman, it was not “erroneous” and is “significant”

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At the August 28 meeting of the Tourism Community Enhancement District Board (TCED) the Ole Seagull, followed up on his March 27 presentation to the TCED which showed that the Missouri Supreme Court, in the case of “Jefferson v. QuikTrip,” resolved that case using a logic and statutory construction that had not been previously addressed in any of the prior legal opinions to the TCED that the Ole Seagull had seen or was aware of. He believed it provided more than an adequate basis for effective legal or other action to be taken that could stem the TCED’s diversion of millions of dollars to the pay the city of Branson’s TIFs and the loss of the hundreds of millions of dollars in economic and marketing benefit to Branson area shows, attractions, lodging facilities and businesses those marketing dollars represent. (more…)

2014 Columns on Branson TCED “Dicta” Fiasco and failure to take effective action to eliminate loss of Millions in Tourism Marketing Funds

Posted in Branson,Government,Opinion by The Ole Seagull on the December 16th, 2014

1st Column – Published in Branson Daily Independent on Mar. 30, 2014

Is TCED Tourism Tax Board inaction costing Branson $1 Billion in marketing and economic benefits?

For what it matters, in his opinion, the TCED Tourism Tax Board’s proclivity of blithely taking millions of taxpayer dollars intended for Branson marketing and using them to pay the Branson Landing and Branson Hills TIFs has cost Branson area retail businesses, theatres, attractions, lodging establishments and restaurants about $88 million per year in lost marketing and economic benefits.* Over the last five years that’s (more…)