Does God have an army in the culture war that is being waged?

Bill O’Reilly’s recent column, entitled “The culture war is getting hotter,” acknowledged a growing national trend when he said “Back home, we are coming off a Christmas season where the federal holiday was bruised and battered by secular forces that see any Christian public display as an affront.” He went on to point out that “The unbelievable nonsense surrounding the culture war is not going to end soon. Billionaire secularist George Soros is pouring millions into the American Civil Liberties Union so it can sue your butt off if you step out of the politically correct line.” An Ole Seagull would suggest that the “culture war” has always been with us, it is the battle of ones perceived “right” against their perceived “wrong” and will be with us until Christ comes again. Unfortunately, if the results of the “war” thus far are any indication, it appears, that God’s army seems more concerned with doing that which is politically correct or financially expedient rather than standing up and fighting for that which they know is “right.” What’s the effectual difference between having an army that won’t fight and having no army? From an Ole Seagull’s perspective, not much, not much at all.

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