I don’t recognize my country anymore either!

“I don’t recognize my country anymore,” said a lady who had called in to Springfield, Missouri’s KWTO “Morning Line Show (AM 560)” recently. That thought immediately registered with the Ole Seagull because he has felt that way for many years.

Let him list just some of his reasons why:

1. He has watched millions of jobs diverted overseas at the expense of American jobs. Ask your yourself, where are the jobs going to come from to power this economic recovery? What percentage of the people who lost good jobs will have a job at that salary again within the next ten years?

2. Politicians just flat lie and say and do whatever they have to do to get reelected. Today’s politicians are a perfect example of what state and national politics have become. They are “Poly” many and “ticks” blood sucking insects. The blood sucking politicians are dedicated to just one thing, taking money from those who have fairly earned it and redistributing it to others who have not earned it so that they can get their vote.

3. Our government treats illegal aliens, at least 11 million plus and probably twice that many, as other than lawbreakers even giving them the benefits of a system that American taxpayers are paying for, such as medical care, education, and other social programs. For what it’s worth, the Ole Seagull believes that the only benefits an illegal alien should receive are those necessary and directly connected with providing the health care, sustenance, and travel assistance necessary to send them back where they came from as quickly as possible. On the other hand legal aliens or those immigrants from other countries who have become American citizens through the legal process should be given all the rights the law allows.

4. Our nation’s borders are not secure. Three above serves in solemn testimony to that fact, but in addition, how much illegal drugs come across the Mexican border each day? Does it take a Solomon to figure out that if illegal aliens and drugs can get across our borders that terrorists and the materials and equipment they need can too?

5. A nonelected federal judiciary, up to the supreme court level, that operates more as a “kingship” than a justice system. That “kingship” has empowered the Federal government to intervene into not only local government, but our personal lives at a level never envisioned by this Nations Forefathers who founded our Nation on the concept of as little involvement of the Federal government in the individual lives of its citizens as possible. In fact, so concerned were they that they put the Bill of Rights into the Constitution to limit the power of the federal government. The Federal judiciary has so prostituted the justice system that today the Federal government regulates just about every aspect of our daily life.

6. A federal economic policy that appears to be way out of wack. From an Ole Seagull’s perspective there are things that earn revenue and things on which that revenue is spent. As a general rule when the earned revenue doesn’t equal or exceed the cost of the things that are being bought there is a problem. Now the Ole Seagull could be very wrong on this, but just where is the money going to come from to pay for all the wars we fighting, bailouts and subsidies for the very companies that created the economic crises we are now going through, the new Health Care Plan, etc.? That was really a rhetorical question.

7. Perhaps most of all is our nations move away from its Christian heritage. The Christian foundation upon which this nation was built is a matter of history. As our nation’s people turn their back upon the God who gave it life and His blessings and make the government their God, it will reap the folly of that mistake and continue paying the price. Indeed, the Ole Seagull believes that our nation is beyond the point where it can save itself and that it will take the hand of a gracious, loving and forgiving God to sustain and restore it.

One can almost sense God saying, “I permitted Myself to be sought by those who did not ask for Me; I permitted Myself to be found by those who did not seek Me; I said, ‘Here am I, here am I,’To a nation which did not call on My name….Therefore I will measure their former work into their bosom”

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