Is it the acts of Muslim extremists or the TV show “24” that cause America’s reaction?

A recent story entitled “24 making nice with Muslims,” appearing in the Sunday Jan. 12 edition of E! Online, reported that “Rabiah Ahmed, spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told Broadcasting and Cable that the show [Fox’s ‘24’] is “taking everyday American Muslim families and making them suspects ….It’s very dangerous and very disturbing.” The current Fox series 24 depicts the all too possible scenario, of a Muslim extremist family, appearing to be like just any other American family, performing terrorist acts, such as blowing up trains, killing people at random, kidnapping the Secretary of Defense, etc. within the United States. If the situation described by Ahmed does exist an Ole Seagull would suggest that it is the actions of certain Muslim extremists on “9/11” that are the primary cause and not “24” or any other TV show.

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