Obama picks Biden after calling Clinton “Compromised Washington insider!”

An April 21 article in the New York Times entitled “In Push Before Vote, Obama Sharpens Tone, reported “In television commercials and in appearances before crowded rallies, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, cast his opponent in one of the most negative lights of the entire 16-month campaign, calling her a compromised Washington insider.”

 On August 23 Obama announced his selection of Senator Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate. Biden has been a Senator from Maryland for about 35 years, the sixth longest period in officer for current senators, unsuccessfully ran for President in 1998 and 2008, and is currently concurrently running for senator in 2008.

An Ole Seagull cannot help but wonder what the difference is between Clinton and Biden is in terms of being a “compromised Washington insider?” To him Biden is as much a “compromised Washington insider,” as is Clinton and more so. It would be interesting to know Obama’s definition of “compromised Washington insider” and why Mrs. Clinton meets it but Biden doesn’t or, in the alternative, why it should have been a factor in Clinton’s case but not Biden’s?

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