Reiher – Zap2It take gratuitous slam at Branson

In an on online piece by Andrea Reiher entitled “America’s Got Talent’: Rockin’ Rory rocks’” published on in its June 23 “It Happened Last Night” section” the writer appeared to take a gratuitous slam at the quality of entertainment in Branson. Why the writter even had to mention Branson in the piece in the context they did is beyond an Ole Seagull’s comprehension. What good purpose was served?

The perceived slam was contained in the articles evaluation about the performance of Peter Peterkin. In total it said:

“A Barack Obama imitator named Pete Peterkin. He’s… meh. He’s got some of the Obama speech patterns down but it’s also kind of James Brown doing Barack Obama. No sooner have I typed that then Pete puts on a wig and goes into his James Brown imitation. Honestly, this guy isn’t good enough to play Branson, let alone Vegas. He says he does about 100 imitations and plays 15 instruments. The crowd chants Vegas, but the judges are on the fence. They end up putting him through, though.”

The good news for Branson, Reiher’s innuendo aside, is that the talent that does play Branson is good enough so that Branson will be celebrating 50 years of live music shows this year and entertain over six million visitors.

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