Ten reasons why an Ole Seagull would be toast in politics

Occasionally, someone asks, “Why don’t you run for office?” To that the Ole Seagull most often replies that he is unelectable. The next question is, “Why?” The answer to that is simple, call it a brain defect or whatever, but the Ole Seagull does not have the ability or self control to substitute being politically correct or saying what people want to hear from what he believes.

Now ask yourself could you honestly vote for a person who has these views:

1. Not one more penny of Taney county funds should be spent on the East West Corridor Road in Taney County, or any other major transportation project until there is at least a 10 year plan in place prioritizing Taney County’s transportation needs.

2. The period between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 each year should be declared “Merry Christmas” days at both the Taney county and city of Branson levels. Both should do everything in their power to make Branson the place to come for those wanting to celebrate a traditional Christmas. We market “Christmas” because we want the tourist dollars, but when it comes to standing up for “Christmas” our elected leaders tremble with political correctness and fear of a lawsuit from the ACLU.

3. Believes that Branson’s live shows should be declared as an “economic foundational industry” and, at a minimum, require that at least 33 percent of all publically funded marketing be used to promote Branson shows that operate at least two weeks a month for eight months out of the year.

4. Believes that 25 percent of the portion of the Branson Tourism Infrastructure Tax, which may be used the building, maintenance, and operation of the city’s infrastructure should be used to subsidize the water and sewer rates of all Branson residents and businesses except the Ole Seagull’s.

5. The representation on the Branson Lakes Area Tourism Community Enhancement District (TCED) should be changed to one representative from Stone County, and six from the Taney County Branson area, two appointed by Taney County and four by Branson. Currently, on the seven person board, there are two from Indian Point and another from Stone Country for a total of three which is ridiculously disproportional to the actual taxes Indian Point and the portion of Stone County in the TCED pay.

6. Believes the definition of “alien,” stated in “The Merriam Webster OnLine Dictionary” defined as “relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government” is accurate.

7. Would work to expand the opportunities for aliens complying with the documentation and other applicable requirements to come into the country and work for a specific employer for a period of eight months after which they would be required to leave the country for a period of at least 60 days before being eligible to reapply.

8. Believes that the tax dollars of U.S. Citizens should not be spent on the medical care or the giving of any other benefit that a U.S. Citizen is entitled to any illegal alien except as is required save their life in the event of a medical emergency.

9. Believes that English should be the National language and the only language used on ballots, government forms, etc.

10. See what he means, no need to go on, politically the Ole Seagull’s toast

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