Who Else Wants a 25% Raise, LUV or more Christmas?

OK so most of us aren’t going to get a 25% pay raise, but we can enjoy, by proxy, the 25% pay raise that Taney County’s elected officials voted themselves to hopefully get in 2015. It does not go into effect until 2015, but does it take a Solomon to figure out who will be lined up to run in 2015? “But Seagull, in these economic times while things are so tough for everyone, how could they, in good conscience do that?” All an Ole Seagull can say is that, “In terms of their collective “conscience,” their action speaks for itself.” Does that include Presiding Commissioner Ron Houseman who was absent for the vote?” That just has to be a rhetorical question?

Hey, who doesn’t want LUV, Southwest Airlines in Branson? Unfortunately it doesn’t really make any difference because as of June 2014, we will all be doing with a lot less LUV as Southwest withdraws its service from the Branson Airport. There are those who would make a big deal out of LUV’s withdrawal and its impact on Branson, but to an Ole Seagull LUV made a simple business decision that had nothing to do with the future of Branson. In his opinion, it had to do with the operation of their business and how to make the most revenue from the assets they operate. No politics, doing the “right thing hocus pocus,” or good old boy politics just a good clean business decision. How refreshing, you just have to LUV it.

Before anyone gets irate let’s answer a few questions, “How many more visitors does Branson have since LUV started flying into Branson?” “How many more visitors does Branson have since Branson Airport opened?” While we are at it, let’s go for it, “How many more visitors does Branson have since Branson Landing opened?” Perhaps even more importantly, “How many more visitors does Branson have since the seemingly incestuous relationship between the ‘Tourism Community Enhancement District’ and the ‘Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB’ have spent well over $40 million taxpayer dollars marketing Branson?” Whoops, one more thing, would it be inappropriate to ask for the basis substantiating any increased number alleged as to any of the above including the “base line” from which the alleged increase was calculated?

Except for the “Grinch,” before his heart grew three sizes, who doesn’t want more Christmas? Unfortunately, if what the Ole Seagull personally saw yesterday morning, as he drove the parade route through downtown Branson, is any indication, those lined up for the 65th Adoration Parade dedicated to “Keeping Christ in Christmas” will not see either the word “Christ” or “Christmas” displayed on the windows of many, if any, of the businesses behind them along the parade route. When they write the book on religion the Ole Seagull will not be mentioned, but if he can see the irony of holding a parade dedicated to “Keeping Christ in Christmas” amid a back drop devoid of “Christ” or “Christmas” why can’t the organizers and merchants of Historic Downtown Branson? How much effort would it take the organizers and downtown merchants to put up some “Merry Christmas” signs or other decorations consistent with the theme of the parade, “Keeping Christ in Christmas?”

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