A little bit of signs, “What a County” and other stuff

There are so many interesting things going on that impact on Branson area residents that it was too hard to pick just one so let’s do a “little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

SIGNS SHOULDN’T BE A GAMBLE – Interesting, a small city business recently had its private directional signs unceremoniously removed by the city of Branson because they had no permit. Not a few blocks away, and as recently as the morning of July 25, one of Branson Landing’s largest businesses has directional signs to its service department prominently displayed on Branson Landing Boulevard. One can only hope that the reason those signs weren’t removed is because the city did grant a permit for them.

COST OF TANEY COUNTY TAX ASSESSMENT DEBACLE CONTINUES TO GROW – Taney County Assessor James Strahan is still blaming it all on the state, Taney County has lost about $750,000 so far from state reimbursements, lost a law suit and spent who knows how much on legal cost and citizens are getting huge increases in real estate taxes. As Strahan apparently gets to do anything he wants to do any way he wants to, the Taney County Commissioners have voted to give his office more money to continue doing it. Dare we hope that a permanent solution is on the way? “What a County!”

THE COMMISH ISN”T THROUGH YET – The voters said, “No,” but the pressure and political clout from those wanting, what the Ole Seagull calls the “road to half way there,” the “East West Corridor” appears to be continuing to the extent that the Taney County Commission is considering spending about $400,000 for a study in connection with the possibility of getting a Federal Grant for the project. Interestingly the action is being considered without a report from the county’s Transportation Committee prioritizing the county’s transportation needs. If this kind of money is going to be spent on a study why not spend it on a study that analyzes the total needs of the whole County? “What a County!”

FALL CREEK EXTENSION GOOD NEWS AND BAD – The good news is that the Fall Creek Extension project is anticipated to be completed by September. The bad news is that the Fall Creek Extension project is anticipated to be completed by September. Further good news, when completed it will provide direct and convenient access north and south between Highway 248 and Highway 165. Further bad news, traffic will increase on Fall Creek Road and a substantial portion of Fall Creek Road, particularly its intersection with Highway 165, is not adequate to handle that traffic. How much of that road falls under the authority of Taney County? Are they allocating any money to study the situation and see if they can get Federal Grants to remedy its potential problems? What is its priority as compared to the East West Corridor? Oh, that’s right Taney County doesn’t have a list of Transportation priorities? “What a County!”

BRANSON COUNTY STATUS AND BORDERS – When originally presented, the idea to split Taney County into two counties was more hypothetical and fodder for thought than anything else. But in recent days it appears the idea might have some legs. The number one question the Ole Seagull is asked is, “What would the boarders of the new country be?” As a starting point he would suggest a line starting at Taney County’s northern border three miles east of U.S. Highway 65 and continuing south to the Arkansas State Line.

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