What does the “Cast of Branson Famous,” the Terry Award’s “Best Show of the Year for 2014” and the “TCED Board” have in common?

Drum roll please as we give the answer, which is, “They are all living proof of James Joyce’s statement, ‘The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.'” Although, to an Ole Seagull, in the case of these three, their actions could equally be interpreted as their “lack of thought.”

The Ole Seagull’s column of Feb. 22, 2015 entitled “A breakthrough list of ‘reality’ to absolutely help you to know the difference between ‘Branson Famous’ and ‘Branson Betrayed'” is a solid example of the thought process, or lack thereof, of the cast of “Branson Famous,” starring the primary cast of the “Baldknobbers Jamboree.” As he watched two additional episodes of the show he was absolutely amazed at the actions of the people and organizations in the show and the thoughts, or lack of thought, they represent.

In one of the episodes, a show review of the “Baldknobbers Jamboree,” from this paper, was shown to one of the female characters in the show. She was upset because the reviewer had mentioned the other female character in the show, who he obviously thought sang well enough to be mentioned specifically, while omitting her. In its kindest light, she appeared miffed that she wasn’t mentioned and expressed that “miffidness” in a manner that, in an Ole Seagulls opinion, impugned not only the writer’s integrity, but the paper’s by insinuating that the review and its process was done in a manner other than the reviewer normally used.

In the very next episode, the “Baldknobbers Jamboree,” yes folks, the very show that had been featured for weeks on “Branson Famous” as about to go out of business because of the lack of attendance and other factors, wins the “2014 Terry Branson Show of the Year Award.” When they actually got the award, before “Branson Famous” actually aired, the Ole Seagull thought to himself, “Well that puts the integrity of that award in perspective,” but he said nothing because award shows around Branson are a dime a dozen and most of the folks coming to Branson will never have heard of the award.

After seeing the “Baldknobbers Jamboree” recognized on national TV as “Branson’s 2014 Show of the Year” however, he just has to say, “Really! Give me a break! Stop this insanity, please, before someone actually buys a ticket to the show based on that alleged fact!”

Is there anyone in Branson, including the cast of “Branson Famous,” especially in view of what they had said about their own show on the previous episodes and the premise that the show is based on, that can look the Ole Seagull in the eye and with a straight face and say, “The ‘Baldknobbers Jamboree’ deserves to be Branson’s 2014 Show of the year?” It gets even more ludicrous when one considers that the other finalists were “Clay Cooper’s Country Express,’ “it starring the Hughes Brothers” and “Presley’s Country Jubilee” and that the other nominees for the “2014 Terry Branson Show of the Year Award” who didn’t even make the finals included “Barbara Fairchild,” “Grand Jubilee,” “The Haygoods,” “Liverpool Legends, “”Mickey Gilley,” and “Six.”

“But Seagull, it’s not their fault they got the award, they didn’t vote it to themselves.” “That’s true, but it sure is proof about what those who took the actions in awarding them the award were thinking.”

“Well, OK Seagull, but how do the actions of ‘Branson Lakes Area Tourism Community Enhancement District (TCED)” reflect on their thoughts and how does that tie in with “Branson Famous” and the ‘2014 Terry Branson Show of the Year Award’?” In an Ole Seagull’s opinion, as hard up as “tru TV” seems to be for material, surely a show entitled “Branson Scandalous,” about how the TCED’s actions involving its breach of its fiduciary duty have cost Branson businesses hundreds of millions in marketing and economic benefits, would be right up their alley. Could any reasonable person dispute that the “show” the TCED has been putting on since the 2007, using smoke and mirrors, to be able to continue diverting TCED marketing funds to pay the Branson TIFs while creating the illusion that they really don’t want to, is not deserving of a “Terry” or some other award for “The Best Continuing Breach of Fiduciary Duty In Branson History?”

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