Are rights without responsibility and a “free lunch” destroying America?

Although the Ole Seagull listens to Rush Limbaugh on the radio, much of the time he loses the benefit of his tremendous intellect and logic because of the “noise” of his self-aggrandizement. During a recent broadcast however, Limbaugh blasted through the noise and caught his attention when he defined “the Democratic Party base” as “The  poor and the disadvantaged and the put-out and the put-upon” and asked the question, “Why isn’t it proper [to] point out that the Democrat base is made up, for the most part, of the nation’s losers?”

Driving, only peripherally hearing what he said and not being too big on calling anyone a “loser” for any reason, let alone political party affiliation, the Ole Seagull went about his daily routine. However, some of what he heard, politics aside, resonated and caused him to go on line when he got home and read a transcript of what Limbaugh had said.

The portions quoted below are from the transcript. Take out what appears to be the obvious bias against the Democratic Party and substitute the general words, “those who live their lives expecting rights without responsibility for their actions and a ‘free lunch’ paid for from the labors of others” for the majority of his references to “the Democratic Party base,” and, for what it matters, the Ole Seagull believes that Limbaugh just might have his finger on the pulse of a large part of what is causing our nation’s current social and economic problems.

Limbaugh said, “The Democrat Party base is what is destroying this country, and the effort to coddle them and to take care of them and to continue keeping them in that position that they’re in of total dependence, no opportunity at acquiring wealth or achievement. The rest of us have to pay for their crazy, stupid life choices. The rest of us have to see our wealth and income transferred and redistributed to people who’ve made rotten choices. (Among the worst choices they’ve made is to vote Democrat.) The Democrat Party base is the nation’s losers, and we need to start pointing this out.

“You want to start talking about people not paying their fair share? Yeah, it’s the Democrat Party base that’s not paying their fair share. It’s the 47% or whatever the number is that don’t pay income taxes who are not paying their fair share. It’s not the top 1%. It’s not the people working. It’s not people getting up every day and doing everything they can to make this country work. They are not the ones who are not paying their fair share! The Democrat Party base are the people not paying their fair share: the 49%, 47% that are paying zilch, zero, nada; and they’re the ones that we’re told ought to get everything. They’re the one who ought to get all the benefits.

“They’re the ones who ought to get all the transfers of wealth. Somehow, they’re in their circumstance because of the 1%. ‘The 1% stole everything those people used to have!’ Wrong. Those people are in the positions they’re in because they have made rotten life choices…”

To an Ole Seagull, it’s not a “Democratic” or “Republican” thing. It’s a “those who live their lives expecting rights without responsibility for their actions and a ‘free lunch’ paid for from the labors of others” thing.

Deepest respect and admiration of Limbaugh aside, it must be pointed out that, paraphrasing his most annoying bit of self aggrandizement, even someone, “who has half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair because he has talent on loan from God” might occasionally make a mistake. In another part of his comments he said, “It’s time that everybody on our side woke up here and understood that we are in the majority.” An Ole Seagull would respectfully disagree.

Over 150 years ago, historian Alexis de Tocqueville pointed out that “A democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it.” Prophetically he also said, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” Over 40 years of the government redistributing the income of those who earned it to “those who live their lives expecting rights without responsibility for their actions and a ‘free lunch’ paid for from the labors of others,” gives an Ole Seagull pause to believe that they are the majority and the living proof of de Tocqueville’s statements.

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