Can America compete in the “Super Bowl of Nations?”

Tens of millions of Americans will watch the “Green Bay Packers” and “Pittsburgh Steelers” play in the Super Bowl today with millions cheering for one team or the other to win. However, if they were honest with themselves, “being truthful in what they say and do,” many would put a “steely” faced grin on their “packed” stuffed faces and realize that the game can only end one way. The same way our great Nation will end.

“Ok Seagull, what’s the way the game is going to end, whose going to win?” “The Ole Seagull doesn’t have clue.” The name of the team winning or losing the Super Bowl just puts a name on the only way the game can end, with a “winner” and a “loser.” In terms of time and history, Nations end up the same way either a “winner” or “loser.”

The game of football is one of performance and competition. The winner of the Super Bowl will be the team that performs at a higher level than their competitors during the season and the team that maintains that level during the game.

How many teams get into the Super Bowl, let alone win it if their leadership, both from a field and management level, hasn’t put them into a position to perform at a higher level than their competitors? So too it is with Nations. History is littered with nations and civilizations that have come and gone because their “leadership” not only didn’t ensure that they performed at a higher level than their competitors, but did things that made it impossible to do so.

There are those who believe America is a “democracy.” To those an Ole Seagull would suggest that the perfect example of a “democracy,” majority rules, is a “lynch mob.” To him, our great Nation was founded on the principle of a republic where the leadership was made up of individual states governed by laws enacted and controlled by those states and responsive to the needs of their citizens.

The Federal government’s role was to be a very limited role to provide those things for the Nation that the states could not provide individually. Indeed Amendment 10 of the Bill of Rights specifically provides, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

In the space of history and the world, America is one of the newest “competitors,” yet from its inception, America was a team that put the rest of its competitors on notice. It quickly began to rise up through the rankings of nations to be in competition to possibly become one of the greatest nations of all time.

Along the way however, its leadership has changed as the power of the individual states and their people to govern their own lives has been usurped and diluted by the Federal government. A government that is involved in every facet of peoples individual daily lives down to dictating things like the kind of light bulbs that must be used in their homes and, particularly economically, has placed America in a position where one must wonder if it is performing at the same level as its primary competitors.

As we watch the Super Bowl today let’s ask ourselves, “If the ‘Super Bowl of Nations was being played today would America be one of the two teams competing?” An unemotional, logical and honest answer would be as complicated as it would be trying to pick the winner of the Super Bowl the day before its played. Or would it? Oh, and if it is decided that America would be competing in the Super Bowl of Nations, who would they be competing against and who would win?

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