I would vote for the $42.9 million school bond issue, but…

Different individuals could complete that sentence in a variety of ways most of which would not be timely or efficient in terms of solving the problem which is, in an Ole Seagull’s mind, “Making sure our ‘children’ and their teachers have physical facilities that will enhance the educational process not detract from it.” It’s obvious that it takes more physical facilities to educate 5,144 students than it does 2,676 students.

He thanks God that our area, including Hollister, Forsyth, Kirbyville and Branson is blessed with such dedicated teaching professionals. This bond issue, like others before it in Branson and the other areas mentioned, will help those professionals provide our children with the best education possible.

If the statement to be completed read, “I’m going to vote for the Branson no tax increase school bond issue on April 5 because…,” an Ole Seagull would have complete it based on his vote in every similar school bond vote he has cast. He would say, “…I have faith in the school board I elected, the professionalism and dedication of the administrative and teaching staff and I do not want children’s education impacted because of my failure to help provide the physical facilities that they tell me is necessary to provide that education.”

“Seagull, sounds like you support voting ‘Yes’ on April 5 for the Branson School Bond issue.” “Hum, it would be easy to get that impression, but what gave it away?”

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