It’s what Payton Manning didn’t do that makes him what he is!

With less than a minute left in the game, Payton Manning threw a 21 yard touchdown pass to Brandon Stokley to break Dan Marino’s 20 year old record for the most touchdown passes in a season. Although the fans went crazy the game wasn’t stopped and there was no celebration on the field. Instead Manning indicated they were going the two point conversion, brought his team up to the line, handed the ball off to Edgerrin James who took it in for the two points that tied the game and enabled the Indianapolis Colts to go on to defeat the San Diego Chargers, 34-31 in overtime.

Why wasn’t the game stopped to honor this tremendous accomplishment? Because Manning had requested that the game not be stopped and to an Ole Seagull that tells more about why he is the champion and leader that he is than does that 49th record breaking touchdown.

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