Have more died from taking Vioxx or the importation of drugs from Canada?

A December 26 editorial piece appearing in the Springfield News Leader, entitled “In re-importation, government favors industry over patients” said “The federal government told Americans that Vioxx was safe. After nearly 28,000 people died or had heart attacks while taking it, the manufacturer pulled it from the market.” Is it possible that the drug industry made billions of dollars off this drug while thousands of those taking it were dieing and suffering from it?

It went on to point out that just last week “this same government said it could not vouch for the safety of drugs imported from Canada by consumers seeking to save money.” Is it possible that the drug industry stands to make billions of dollars more in profits if the importation of drugs from Canada is prohibited?

The federal agency responsible for both of these situations is the FDA. An Ole Seagull would bet that the records of the FDA indicate that a heck of a lot more people have died from taking Vioxx, an FDA approved drug, than have died from letting the consumer buy drugs from licensed pharmacies in Canada, “nearly 28,000” more.

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