Missouri’s new governor, Matt Blunt raises the bar on “political correctness”

As Missouri’s new governor, Matt Blunt, took office on January 10, one portion of his inaugural address, to an Ole Seagull, defined the man, his philosophy, and his convictions. He said, “I took the oath with my hand upon two Bibles. One is the Book I turn to each day. It will remind me of the solemn pledge I have made before God and my fellow citizens. The other is a Bible that Melanie and I will give to our son upon his birth. It will remind me that what we do today, tomorrow and across the next four years will help define the future opportunities of every Missouri child.

“May God grant that in the days of prosperity and contentment, He will fill our hearts with praise and that in moments of trial, we will remember to seek His aid.

“Together, we will chart a new course for our state. With your prayers, encouragement and support, we will succeed. May God bless Missouri and the United States of America.”

Some might say, “Well that’s not politically correct and violates the separation of church and state.” To that an Ole Seagull would say, “It just might be the epitome of the political correctness and since when can a persons expression of what they believe, the guiding principles that they live their lives by possibly be a violation of the separation of church and state?”

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